Surski open

Sweden Surfski Open a lot of sweat, action and fun surfski racing.


Sweden Surfski Open


Malmö Downwind
Sweden Surfski Open Race 1


26-27/5. Start mellan Trelleborg-Barsebäck. 20 km.


Riviera Race
Sweden Surfski Open Race 2

surfski båstad

4-5/8. Torekov Båstad 15-20 km


GPSK Downwinder
Sweden Surfski Open Race Final


1-2/9. Gotland/Slite 25 km. Sweden Surfski Open



Onewheel i Vellinge

16-17/6. Kungsbackafjorden south of Gothenburg 15-20 km. Riksmästerskapet SS2 Dubbelski

National Championship: Aterra Wave Challenge SM


Surfski SM, SM Veckan
Aterra Wave Challenge Open

onewheel skateboard

7-8/7. Swedish Surfski Championship, Höganäs-Helsingborg 20 km. Aterra Wave Challenge Open, Surfski SM.

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We support surfskiracing, Sweden Surfski Open and represent following brands: Carbonology Sport, Nordic Kayaks, Revo Kayaks. Nelo, Vajda. Nomado Epic Kayaks. Nordic Kayaks. Kajak Kalmarssund: Carbonology Sport. Sportkajaker: Mazu. Sponsor contact:

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What is a surfski

A surfski is a long narrow boat from 520-650 cm. Most common is skis +580-630 cm in length. The width is from 42 for the fastest and up to 55 cm for the most stable. We sit in a open cockpit and we stear our big rudder with fotpedals. Sometimes we get the cockpit full of water but that dont affect the skis balance so much and they drain very fast. In Scandinavia an northern Europe its pretty common to paddle the all year around despite the cold in winther. Today you can get surfskis with all kind of stability also for true beginners that have never paddled before. A good informative website is West Coast Surfski and more surfski tips you can find at Aterras surfski selection website. Our sponsors can also help you to find the right surfski that fits your balance, needs and weight.


What is surfski downwind racing

A race starts at point A and finishes at point B. The length of a race can be anywhere between 12 and 35km. The race course is chosen to maximize downwind paddling (e.g. where you paddle in the direction of the waves). The races are usually partly on open sea, where conditions, depending on wind etc, can be challenging. Although big waves might be intimidating at first, learning how to work with them to your own advantage is highly rewarding and it is not uncommon with downwind speeds over 20 km/h. It is also what separates surfski racing from flat water racing. There are five classes in Sweden Open: Men, Women, U19 (for those who have not yet turned 19), SS2 (surfski double) and Fun. The Fun class is available for those of you who are interested in surfski racing and want to try it out (Fun Class, U19 not on all races). With the inclusion of the Fun class, everyone, from beginners to elite paddlers, can now participate in the races. The focus on inclusion, rather than exclusion, is exactly what surfski racing is all about.

About Sweden Surfski Open

Sweden Surfski Open (SSO) is the new Surfski Cup in Sweden. We plan to arrange three race a year. SSO have today five partner organizers. On our races we normally have between 35-75 participants.

About Scandinavian Surfski Open

Scandinavian Surfski Open (SCO) is a new cup for 2017. We have races in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. In future we also hope for Finland.

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