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Sweden Surfski Open


Rules Participants

Paddlers welcome to Surfski Open. We and our partners arrange surfski open sea racing. The soul of surfski is that everyone can participate. All you need is a license from your club, if you don’t have membership in a club you can always get a license from the organizer on the raceday. 2019 we aim to offer a recreational class (‘motionsklass’) with a shorter distance (8-12km) in all of the Surfski Open competitions.

Classes Sweden Surfski Open

  • SS1 Men Woman
  • SS2 Woman, Men, Mixed
  • SS1 U19 Men Woman
  • SS1 SS50 Men Woman
  • SS1 Recreational (Motionstävling)
  • At least 3 participants in a class to be estimated, two classes can be put together to reach the correct amount of participants.

Your mandatory equipment

  • Competition licence for 2019
  • Number on both side of the boat, paddler provide the numbers that shall be 14 cm high. Aterra will have number to sell on the race at self cost.
  • Leg leash
  • PFD (life jacket)
  • Smoke Flare
  • Fox 40 whistle or similar
  • You shall be dressed to manage at least 30 minutes in water.
  • Colourful clothing on shirt and/or PFD, fully black or white is not allowed!
  • Cellphone with Webtracking app installed, w. at least 80% battery capacity
  • Competitors must be able to re-enter from water. (Spot-check, on demand. The safety officer on the boats or on land have the right to refuse your start.)
  • Recomended:

  • PLB, VHF or button cell phone
  • Sticker on paddle in sharp color

Demands from the organizer

  • Inspection of the boats and paddlers equipment will be done.
  • The organizerhave fully right to test one or all paddlers capacity regarding reentry.
  • The safetyboat has fully right to to take a paddler out of the race if they consider that there is a risk for the paddler. A safetyboat/s shall be available as far as possible for all paddlers.
  • If the organizer jugde that a participant have lack of reentry or stability skills they have the right to stop a paddler to start or take a paddler out of the competition during the race. The paddler have the right to continue on his own risk outside of the race and without safetyhelp.

Out on the ocean

All paddlers have an obligation to help kayakers in distress unless other help is nearby. Participant shall always be able to do a reentry in the condition he is paddling in.

The Start

Start methods:

  • Open water: paddlers sit in surfski with leash connected.
  • Beach start: paddlers stand in the water with the surfski aside, leash connected.
  • Starting procedur

    Mandatory equipment organiser: 1 start flag (with a stick), 1 land flag,horn and/or a megaphone. Flags will be provided by Land flag shall be hoisted before the skippers meeting. 5 min to start, raise the start flag. Long signal +3 second in signal horn. Paddlers shall paddle to start line within 5 minutes.

    • When all paddlers have lined up (within these 5 minutes) the starter calls out ‘START WITHIN 1 MINUTE’.
    • Start: Starter gives a +3 second long signal and lower the flag.
    • Apply the Svenska Kanotförbundet’s rules for warning/disqualifying of paddlers not following the rules during start procedure.



    We support surfskiracing and Surfski Open: Aterra, Carbonology Sport, Nordic Kayaks, Revo Kayaks, Sportkajaker, Mazu, Kajaktiv, Think. Contact:

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    About Sweden Surfski Open

    Sweden Surfski Open (SSO) is the new Surfski Cup in Sweden. We plan to arrange three race a year. SSO have today five partner organizers. On our races we normally have between 35-75 participants.

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